Calling on Breakthrough TKD Members

We are calling on all Breakthrough TKD members to sign up to the website and contribute to the club! We are trying to add lots of new features and content to the site to make it interesting, informative, and fun.

We are already currently digitising the training material and other helpful references that can assist in getting to the next level. For those new to Tae Kwon Do or in the early stages of training we have some fun quizzes that can make studying for those first gradings a bit more fun and easier.

And we have just added a new great forum feature for members so that you can log on and comment or discuss topics related to Tae Kwon Do, the club, training, or even the website. The forum is private and only available to members, so it is a safe environment to interact with other members of our TKD family.

So how do you sign up? Look out for the “Sign Up” icon at the top left of the website. Click on that and you will be taken to the registration page where we need just a few details.

Once completed, we will endeavour to verify and confirm your membership as soon as possible. You will be notified via the email address supplied once this process is complete.

After then it is over to you. Please contribute positively and help us to make Breakthrough’s digital experience as great as our training experience!!